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Dynatrace DAVIS Explained
Get Started with Dynatrace
Discover how EASY it is start a Free Trial and have Dynatrace observe your environment.
15 min Apr 30, 2021
Dynatrace with Kubernetes on GKE
Full Stack Observability with K8s on GKE while discovering automatic gRPC services
Beginner - 34 min Aug 26, 2020
Dynatrace with Kubernetes
Full Stack Observability with vanilla Kubernetes while integating with k8s and Prometheus for additional context
beginner - 124 min Oct 20, 2021
BizOps with Dynatrace
Enhance the Real User Monitoring in Dynatrace to bringing business context to IT metrics
Intermediate - 135 min Jun 21, 2021
Digital Business Analytics with Dynatrace
Understanding Digital Business Analytics with PowerBI
Advanced - 136 min Jul 9, 2021
Log Monitoring - Data onboarding, processing and analysis
Log Monitoring advanced use cases
intermediate - 85 min Oct 11, 2022
Advanced Observability with Dynatrace
Learn how automation with Ansible allows automatic discovery and observability
Intermediate - 64 min Oct 2, 2020
Autonomous Cloud with Dynatrace
Intelligence Quality Gates for App deployment
Advanced - 119 min Jul 23, 2020
Cloud Automation - Quality Gates with Dynatrace
Cloud Automation - Releasee validation (aka Quality Gates)
intermediate - 69 min Sep 15, 2022
Cloud-Native Observability with Dynatrace
Using Monitoring-As-Code techniques, obtain observability for SREs by leveraging SLOs
Intermediate - 84 min Jun 27, 2021
Digital Experience Management with Dynatrace
Automatic Real User monitoring while learning capabilities such as Synthetics and Session Replay
Beginner - 79 min Apr 20, 2021
Get Started with Ansible
Get started with Redhat Ansible and archive automation with Dynatrace
30 min Sep 8, 2021
Get Started with Openshift
Get started with Redhat Openshift and getting full observability with Dynatrace
20 min Jul 14, 2021
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